Sarah Doody is the Founder and President of Engaging Journeys, Inc.  Her company was formed for the purpose of providing management and operational services for educationally focused travel programs to organizations and institutions that place a value on life-long learning.
Engaging Journeys is committed to the philosophy that traveling with individuals who share your passions and interests and who believe that learning is a life-long journey is the only way to travel. 
Her company focuses on the implementation and management of the travel programs for her clients that do not have the in-house capabilities.
Engaging Journeys enables clients to launch alumni travel programs without any additional staffing costs or resources from the institution.
Our goal is to provide an avenue for your constituents to pursue the tradition of lifelong learning through educationally focused journeys to worldwide destinations. Our company can assist your institution in not only starting a program but also expanding an existing one.


Educational Component

  • Hosts and study leaders play a key role in the success of our programs. Engaging Journeys will coordinate all aspects of your study leader’s participation.
  • Coordinate receptions and gatherings of your constituents living abroad in areas visited during our travel programs

Marketing Services

  • Complete brochure design and proofing
  • Brochure printing and mailing
  • Management of lists for brochure mailings and email promotions
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Support for your institution’s website

Passenger Reservations, Mailings, and Documentation

  • Handle all mail, email and phone inquiries and reservations
  • Prepare all passenger mailings


  • Provide access to group medical evacuation insurance on behalf of each traveler participating in your travel programs
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip Surveys & Other Post-Trip Follow-up

  • Detailed post-trip surveys are individually crafted for each program
  • Comprehensive reports and documentation provided for every program managed by Engaging Journeys for your institution