Join us as we travel through the splendors of South India on this 15-day adventure. We begin in Chennai– the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and celebrate Diwali–the festival of lights as well as beginning our immersion in the Indian culture and way of life.

In the temple towns of Kanchipuram and Mamallapuram we will see 8th century temples and visit weavers and print makers who continue to produce exquisite sarees and other textiles. The famous master chefs of Chettinad will leave you hungry for more of the aromatic cuisines whose recipes are passed down from generation to generation. The world-famous and enormous Meenakshi Temple in Madurai will leave you in awe as you make an attempt to absorb the thousands of intricate carvings that cover all the surfaces.

In the highlands and green misty hills of Munnar, enjoy a cup of delicious tea that makes this area so famous. We will visit a spice farm where you will see first hand some of the ingredients that you have been eating and Kerala’s largest export. A lazy afternoon on a traditional houseboat on Lake Vembanad will give you a chance to observe traditional village life and the endless sea of brilliant green of the rice paddies.

Our final stop is Kochi- one of the busiest ports in the south and a melting pot of European, Chinese and Persian influences. Here, wander through the narrow roads and spice shops, try your hand at fishing using the age-old Chinese fishing techniques or buy fresh seafood that will be cooked to your taste almost immediately.